6 Best Chat Rooms Sites on the Internet

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6 Best Chat Room Sites

Hey! Welcome to ChatRooms.site, your number 1 online resource for dating and chat.  

Today we’re going to be going over the top websites that are chatting websites. Many of you may remember, online dating just didn’t exist before, and people would meet just by chatting to each other.   

And so, we figured that maybe the best way for you to find somebody who is very compatible with you is to be able to chat them up in a normal situation without having the pressure of leading into a relationship. 

If it’s been successful for many people to chat and talk and be able to get into a relationship with people that they never even really meant to or intended to, then why couldn’t this also happen on an online chat site or chat forum?   

Now, right off the bat these types of websites are typically not what you think that you’re looking for but don’t worry, let’s dive right into the 5 best chat room websites so you don’t waste your time and energy on dud chat rooms. 

#1 ChatRooms.Site    

Strangely enough, we had a hard time tracking down a singles chat room site which caters for age-specific users. You wouldn’t go to a bar and expect to be surrounded by dozens of people 10, 20, 30 or even 40 years older than you, right? No, you wouldn’t! 

Well, the cool thing about ChatRooms.site is that this website funnels specific age users into age-specific chat rooms rather than pooling hundreds of chat users in the same room regardless of age difference. 

With ChatRooms.Site, simply click on the 18-35’s chat option or the over 35 years chat option to be instantly pooled with people near your own age group.  

It’s not rocket science, but it makes a whole lot of sense does it not?     

#2 WireClub            

Next on the list is WireClub. I’m going to start with the user demographics. In terms of visits this is how the user population is divided by country: 

  • USA has 73% users 
  • Canada has 10% of users 
  • UK has 4% of users 
  • Ireland has 2% of users 

In terms of visits to Wire Club via social networks: 

  • 64% came from Facebook 
  • 24% came from YouTube 

The website also has more male users than females users with a 60/40 ratio respectively.   

Now who is this website for, well knowing how easy it is to start a conversation with multiple topics on this website this chat site is for those people who like talking about all sorts of topics.  

That can include almost anything including politics, to media, entertainment, anything you can think of there’s going to be a chat room on this website. If there isn’t, you can make your own chat room. 

One of the biggest virtues on this website is the simplicity behind it and that’s why you’re going to find so many people who love using this chat website. 

As far as ease of use goes, WireClub made it super simple to register and it only takes a few seconds. All you need is a valid email address to open an account. And of course, if you want your profile to be attractive to other users, you can add various interests including hobbies, music, color schemes and so on. 

Once you complete your registration you can head straight to topics or chat rooms to see which discussion is the hottest thing and who’s online to chat with.     

#3 Paltalk 

Palk Talk really does have quite a diverse range of users from the international community. Similarly to the previous website we spoke about, Paltalk also has a larger volume of male users with the male to female ratio being 60/40.  

This chat room is geared towards those who are looking to discuss various topics. But considering the number of users who are visiting from an international level, it’s for those people who want to chat with other people from all corners of the world. 

And just like the previous website as well, the number of topics to visit are huge including politics, entertainment, arts, music and other popular topics to keep you engaged day in day out.  

As far as ease of use goes, it’s a very simple process. Again, all you need is a valid email address. Uploading a picture on Paltalk is not mandatory but it will boost your visibility and make your profile more attractive. If you do decide to post a photo on your profile, you do have to follow certain guidelines.  

With the basic membership you’ll have more than enough options to communicate with other individuals. But if you do want to upgrade your membership there are 4 different packages to choose from which include: 

  • Prime 
  • VIP  
  • Extreme 
  • Basic 

Afterall, there are more than 4 million users using this website and I’d say that number alone is good enough for you to check out this chat room website and see who’s out there.  

#4 AntiChat 

Number 4 on my list is a website called AntiChat. We discovered that there is a huge multi-lingual community on this chat site with users available to chat with world-wide.    

We do know that AntiChat has around 1 million monthly active users across 136 countries which further confirms that this chat room is international.  Now, who is this website for? 

AntiChat is well known for being able to protect your identity and users can share their opinions without having to share your identity. So, if you want to be able to hear other people’s true feelings without the risk of this information being found out by the rest of the world then this website is going to be a great option for you. 

And I’m serious about this website keeping your identity secret. This site does not have a history or records or anything like that, and that’s why it was difficult for us to find out the estimates of which users came from specific countries because they simply do not give out that kind of information.  

So, if you are wanting to join a chat room website and you’re nervous about how people will perceive you, then maybe this website would be a good one for you to start out with. 

As far as the ease of use goes on this website it’s probably the easiest one to sign up to because all you need is a username in order to access the chat rooms. There’s a chat room specifically for newbies so new users can greet each other so you feel welcomed right from the outset.     

And as the website does not require your real name and doesn’t memorize any chat history, complete anonymity is guaranteed here. With that being said though, if you’re coming to this website with the potential of looking for a date, you should know that there’s no background checking with people you’re chatting with. 

With that in mind, I’d say that the rate of catfishing on this website would be higher than some of the other chat websites we are reviewing today. 

#5 ICQ      

Now, number 5 on my list is a website called iCQ. And the website is actually a play on letters to make it sound like the sentence ICQ (I seek you). As far as what users are using this website by country it looks like this:  

  • Russia 44% 
  • Ukraine 10% 
  • Turkey 6% 
  • US 5% 
  • Germany 4% 

This chat site is for those who like a reliable and traditional platform that has stood the test of time as ICQ was established way back in 1997.   

You know that if a website has survived for this long it’s been able to provide its users with a great platform that they keep coming back to it.    

The platform itself will also go through the contacts on your phone and email and let you know of any of your contacts that are not using this platform so you can find actual friends who may be using ICQ that you didn’t know about. 

As far as ease of use goes, knowing that this website is super old and has been so successful for so long you know that this website is super user friendly. 

To join all you simply need is to provide is your phone number. Now way back then it was used simply as a chatting platform however they have added a number of features to make your experience a little better.  

These features include masks, stickers, and anything the conversation can utilize to make the conversation more interactive and fun.  

It is worth noting that the chat rooms are massive on this website. Some rooms actually have more that 25,000 members!         

#6 Chat Spin 

Most of the users on this website are aged between 18- 25 years old. It’s interesting to note that 99% of its users have a Facebook account. The male to female ratio on Chat Spin is pretty much 50/50, which breaks the usual chat room male/female ratio patterns which is great news for users who want more of a balanced audience gender mix.  

Now who is this website for? At first look at this website, I noticed right away it’s a randomized video chat site and immediately made me think of Chat Roulette. 

It’s a fine choice for those who want to break the ice and who feel more comfortable talking to strangers as they can do so safely from their home via video. 

A huge plus on this website in comparison to Chat Roulette is that this website actually has admins who are looking in on different videos to make sure that nothing dangerous or illegal is going on. 

As far as the ease of use goes, this website is all about simplicity, making it possible to remain anonymous. Chat Spin is a place where you can be yourself and chat safely.        

There are various and interesting features for video conversations where both users can have fun and stay protected. The great thing is that this chat site allows you to also register as a couple which is great for those who are looking to spice up their relationship.    

Pricing on this website is affordable, with options to pay for a weekly subscription just so you can see how it works.    

Even though I compare this website to Chat Roulette, personally I think Chat Spin is much better. Moreover, there aren’t any spooky controversies here unlike other chat sites. 

Now, the websites that I have presented to you today, the basis of all these chat websites are not the same as online dating. So, if you are looking for a dating website that also has a lot of chatting features on it, I do have a few suggestions on this: 

  • Badoo 
  • Skout  
  • Meet me 

Keep in mind though, these websites may hinder the dating experience if you’re after a website which is more focused on chatting or playing games with other individuals. So while these websites I’m just mentioning are not considered chat websites, you could consider them more of a chat room website when comparing them to apps like Tinder or Bumble. If, however, you are looking for a more dating aspect, then these 3 websites could work for you. 

Otherwise, if it’s just the chat room experience you’re looking for, there’s plenty of options here for you within the 6 best chat room sites featured on this review. 

If you need more ideas on where to find popular chat sites, take a look at Dating News to get started!

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