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18-35 Years Chat! 

It’s hard enough trying to meet new people in chat rooms generally because chat rooms seldom offer separate rooms which pool people together within similar age categories.

But not anymore! Our simple yet highly effective strategy to group people into online chat age-based rooms will enable you to connect with people close to your own age group hence facilitating many more opportunities to connect with people at a similar stage of life as you.

Without trying to sound ageist, the fact is that people waste so much time chatting online trying to filter out age-inappropriate chatters. Let’s be realistic. An 18-year-old girl does not want to be chatting to a 60-year-old man, am I right?

The same is true (or most certainly should be true) in the opposite scenario – it’s highly inappropriate for a 60-year-old women to be chatting up an 18-year-old guy.

With this approach, people of similar ages will be able to relate to each other, discuss more relevant topics, and will generally have far more in common with each other as opposed to chatting with someone who is much younger or older.

By taking up the option to chat with people in our 18-35 years online chat rooms will significantly improve your overall user experience with our website.

Enjoy, always stay safe, and we hope you find what you are looking for.

Chat Rooms

If this is your first time using a chat site, there’s some relevant information you need to be aware of. Essentially, chat rooms are spaces where users gather at the same time to partake in real-time conversations.

Text-based chat is typically the most common communication tool that users can access to establish lines of communications with other users. On the internet, there are various sites which enable users to engage in chat rooms which focus on topics based on a user’s specific life-style choice or interests.

Chat rooms often facilitate options such as life-style choices, hobbies, relationships, political and religious-based chat rooms. Other forms of online chat include forum discussions and message boards.

Chat rooms, forums or message boards are online programs that provide a platform for people to send text-messages in a virtual room. Groups of users can send and exchange messages which are viewed instantaneously via a public chat lobby or via private one to one private messaging systems.

One of the benefits of using a chat website, is that the users typically have various privacy options to conceal their identities. According to studies, most users participate in online chat under an alias to remain anonymous.          


Due to the anonymous nature of using chat rooms, cyberbullying is a prevalent aspect of this popular online communication tool.

The internet essentially facilitates an online platform where cyberbullying flourishes, with the perpetrators operating without repercussions. Chat room moderators can only do so much, and the VPN routers masking IP addresses, chat room trolls can conceal their identities from their victims.

Romance scams

Scams involving romance manipulation account for a huge amount of cybercriminal activities. According to Science Direct, females across every age bracket and demographic account for the majority of reportable internet scams. Cybercriminals often go to the extent of researching their victims social media profiles and other online information, to learn as much as they can about their victims.

With this information provided, do not ever disclose your real name, location or any of your personal details when chatting online.