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ChatRooms.Site is a free online chat site to meet new friends from all over the world with no registration and no download. Don’t get lost in a sea of irrelevant chat sites. We do things a bit different here! Our live text chat rooms are available in every country in the world so you can meet people online via age-based chat such as chat sites for people under 35 years old, or chat rooms for people over 35 years old across the entire international community including the USA, United Kingdom, India, Australia, Canada and more.

Online Random Text Chat

Online Random Text Chat

How to Make Friends

How to Make Friends

Singles Dating Chat

Singles Dating Chat

Live Free Chat Room

Without any long-winded mandatory sign-up process, get started in under 30 seconds without any registration required to start using all the premium features available to you, which are completely free of charge. The efficiency and ease of navigation you’ll enjoy helps you to quickly seek out and send messages to other chatters online for an instant 100% free chat room experience like no other.

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Free Chats 24/7

Having had years of experience within building and developing chat rooms online in your local area, we are excited to welcome you into our web chats and into the community. To get the most out of using our friend finder website, make sure you persist and be patient by visiting this website frequently and make meaningful contributions with other chatters.

International Chat Room

There are constantly new, random, and anonymous chats happening 24/7 from random and various locations across the world including international chat rooms in Australia, Brazil, Greece, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Russia, UK – Briton, USA chat, and various Asian chat rooms.

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Dating and online chat site for singles too!

One of the more common reasons people search for free chatting sites for dating is to explore opportunities to find romance! In addition to our under and over 35’s chat rooms, we have also created a room specifically for dating and chat for singles

Chat rooms allow you to anonymously ask other people what it is they are looking for, so don’t hold back, if you’ve struck up an enjoyable conversation with a single girl or single guy, go right ahead and ask them what they are looking for?

Great chat rooms do still exist, so stick around, you might just find what you’re looking for with our chat site to meet new people from all over the world   🙂

Text Chat Rooms

When used in a responsible and meaningful way, our online chat site to meet new people has been specifically setup to give you the absolute best user experience and ease of navigation to help you find the best free chatting experience online.

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Getting Started

Are you ready to enjoy seamless chats with different people online? Our platform has all the amazing features that’ll make chatting fun-filled and easy for you.

  • Visit ChatRooms.Site

If you’re set to chat, you just need to go to to get started. Depending on your age group, select the “18-35’s Chat” or “Over 35’s Chat” button on the homepage.

Our platform doesn’t require you to register and choose a username as you can chat anonymously whenever and wherever you want. Each user can customize their username to anything of their choice.

  • Start chatting

Now, you can start chatting without any delay. Tap the chat conversation section found at the bottom and type your message in the allocated chat conversation area. Once you’ve typed what you want, tap the “Enter” button, and your message will be sent to the group chat.

Other online users can see your message immediately and reply to you.

Our Amazing Features

To give every user an astounding experience, our platform boasts a wide range of exceptional features. These features include:

  • Public chat lobby

One of the main features of our website is a public chat lobby. This is a group dedicated to chatting with random strangers online. When your message appears here, other users can start having conversations with you.

Our public chat lobby is open to everyone and can be used for discussing a wide range of things. Regardless of what you want to talk about, you can be certain that there are people interested in chatting with you. Since you can chat anonymously, you don’t have to bother about anyone knowing your real-life affairs.

Join our public chat lobby today for endless conversations with others.

  • Private messages

Do you prefer having a private conversation with another user? We offer you a private chat feature. Look at the side of the chat lobby window to check out the list of users available online. Click the username of the user you want to message privately, and this will open a new private chat window.

Now, you start chatting with the other user without letting other individuals see what you’re talking about. Your conversations will only be open to the two of you.

  • Block users

Sometimes, you may not want to chat with a particular user in a private chat. This could be because they’re disturbing or trolling you. All you have to do is to use the block button on our website. With the aid of this button, you will not receive any private messages from the user again.

  • Chat with random users

Using our public chat lobby or private messages, you can connect with random users. With several users online, it’s easy to find people with common interests and have enjoyable conversations with them.

  • Dating chat

Are you looking for free chatting sites for dating? If yes, our platform could make your dream become a reality. By chatting with people through the public general area and private messages, you have meaningful conversations and build a relationship. Over time, you may start a meaningful relationship with the other user.

Are you ready to enjoy these great features? Start chatting now. 


Common Chat Room Questions

  1. What are chat rooms?

Chat rooms are online platforms that allow users to communicate in real-time through texts, pictures, videos, and other means. A chat room may be focused on a particular subject of discussion or different topics.

Chat rooms come in various types. Some allow you to chat anonymously with different users whereas others are only meant for registered users.

  1. When were chat rooms invented?

1980s AOL

In 1980, the first chat room was created by Alexander Sandy Trevor. This computer expert developed the CompuServe CB Simulator which allowed people to exchange messages via the internet. The chat room was still in its developmental stage as only five users can chat at the same time. In addition, messages were shown letter-by-letter as the individuals typed.

Later, Internet Relay Chat (IRC), AOL, and others were created, and online chatting became more popular.

  1. How do chat rooms work?

Generally,  programs or websites developed and designed for enabling people to send text messages to each other in real-time. They serve as virtual platforms for exchanging real-time messages with other users.

Generally, a server is used for hosting live chat, allowing people from different parts of the world to have different conversations. Chat rooms come in varying formats. The conversations could be centered on a particular topic or open to anything the users want to discuss.

Regardless, chatrooms usually have rules that every user must follow. The regulations will depend on the purpose of the chatroom as well as the target users. Common chatroom rules include no spamming, typing in a particular language, no trolling or personal attacks, and so on.

  1. What are the main features of chat rooms?

To make users have a great experience, these websites should have certain features, such as:

  • Mobile app – this allows users to stay in touch on their mobile devices whenever and wherever they want.
  • Web-version – this makes it easy for users to chat with their computers.
  • Bio – Users should be able to see your bio, which displays a little information about you that you want others to know.
  • 24/7 accessibility – it should be easy for users to access chat rooms any time of the day. Whether they are bored at work during the day or having difficulty with sleep at night, people should be able to chat whenever they want.
  • Conversation backup – a good chat room should allow you to retrieve your conversation.
  1. What are chat rooms used for?

These sites are used for a wide range of reasons, including:

  • Having random chats with others
  • Finding friends or talk mates online
  • Finding dates, lovers, etc. online
  1. What does ‘LOL’ mean? 


If you’re in a chat room, one of the commonest abbreviations you’ll likely come across is ‘LOL. Basically, LOL is a shortened form of ‘laugh out loud’. It’s usually used by most internet chatters to show that you find something funny or humorous.

However, LOL may also convey other meanings, such as signifying a social presence. It could also mean you’re trying to manage an uncomfortable or unfavorable situation.

  1. How should you consider the information you acquire through internet chat rooms?

When chatting online, you should note that many users pretend to be something they’re not. As a result of this, they may give information that’s not true about themselves or other things. As a result of this, you should consider the information you acquire through internet chat rooms as unreliable.

This also means that you should be careful when using the information you acquire through online chats, especially if you’re chatting with a stranger. Understand that many dangerous individuals give false information online to lure unsuspecting victims.

  1. Are chat rooms where no cams are required available?

Yes, there are numerous chat websites where the users are not required to use their webcams. This is to protect the users’ privacy, enabling them to remain anonymous to other internet users. One of the platforms you can use for this particular purpose is Your privacy will stay intact while chatting on our platform.

  1. Are there chat rooms where you can send pictures?

Of course, the majority of chat services allow a user to send pictures to other users. However, the method of sending pictures may differ from one platform to another.

In most cases, you need to go to the box where you type a message and look for an icon for attaching images or videos to your chat. Select the particular pictures you want to send on your device and click “Send”. The other user will receive the pictures immediately.

  1. Are chat rooms safe?

When it comes to chatting with strangers online, you’re not 100% safe. This is because people come online with different intents. Some people may have harmful intentions towards others. Besides, people can find you easily enough without your permission. However, if you’re careful it can be safe if the right precautions are used. 

  1. What are some safety rules for chat rooms?

 If you want to stay safe while having online conversations , you should take note of the following safety tips:

  • Don’t give anyone your personal information, such as your name, home address, office address, etc. Don’t reveal any information about your family.
  • Don’t meet any new friends in private. Your first few meetings should be in public places such as café, parks, and so on.
  • Don’t use your real name as your username as this could make it easy for strangers to find you.
  • Don’t send your pictures to strangers. Even after chatting with someone for a while, be careful of the type of pictures you share with them.
  1. How to deal with trolls in chat rooms?

A troll is a person who intentionally sends disgusting or annoying messages on the internet to provoke negative reactions from other internet users. Trolls may be looking for attention, trying to upset people or just causing provocation.

Regardless of the purpose of a troll, you can deal with such a person by blocking them. On Chatrooms, you can use the block feature to prevent or stop trolls from sending you private messages. Another way to deal with a troll is to ignore them completely. When you don’t give them any attention, they may be forced to stop chatting with you. Others may also choose to troll back as a way of handling trolls.

  1. How do I meet women in chat rooms?

Meet women

If your target is to find women online, you should start by looking for sites with lots of women. Some platforms can show you the ratio of men to women on their sites; hence, you can decide whether they can help you to meet women or not.

Then, chat randomly with different people and find women with a common interest. Otherwise, you can privately chat with women you like and see their responses.

  1. What are some helpful tips on how to talk to women online?

When chatting with women online, it’s important to be conversational and ensure they remain interested in the discussion. The following helpful tips can help you to talk to women online:

  • Ask her open-ended questions that make it easier for her to talk at length and also help you to find others things to talk about.
  • Don’t be in a hurry to get a response from her. Remember that she could be busy with work, school, or other essential things.
  • Send only one message at a time. Sending several messages at once can make you look desperate and force her to lose interest in the conversation.
  • Don’t talk too much about yourself unless she has asked about it. Let the conversation be about her and her interest.
  • Use teasing words to flirt with her a bit. Don’t go overboard as this could affect how she views you.
  • Be gracious and stop the chat at the right time. This will increase her interest in you and make her desire more conversations with you.
  • Don’t hesitate to collect her social media handles or number so that you can have other avenues to talk to her.
  1. How to make chat rooms?

Ever though about owning your very own chat service? There are different ways to do so. Firstly, select a platform you want to use to build your chatroom. WordPress is one of the best platforms to consider. Afterwards, you have to pick a domain name and web host for your chat room. This process will require some time, money, and effort. Otherwise, some chat apps allow users to create their chat rooms. You may consider this option as it’s easier, quicker, and cheaper.

Nevertheless, the best option is to join an existing chat room as you don’t have to go through any stress to enjoy chatting with other users.